Sport fishing for the future

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The Fisherman

  • Should always work for the preservation of nature and the environment and support all work for the protection and improvement of fish populations through active conservation.
  • Should always acquire legal permits for sportfishing and not abuse access to private land ( open country ).
  • Should acquire knowledge of applicable rules and regulations as well as protected fishing times, protected fishing areas and fragile nature.
  • The Fish

  • Should not be killed without a due cause.
  • Should be carefully placed back into the water if it´s not to be kept.
  • Should immediately be killed if it´s meant to be kept.
  • Fishing

  • Should be practiced in a sportfishing manner and strive after the principle: one Fisherman - one Rod - one Line and a barbless hook.
  • Should be practiced with a feeling for the living and an understanding so that the various species of fish can continue to exist.
  • Should never occur where it is forbidden to fish or after spawning or wandering fish.

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Fish preservation

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