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As a genuine friend of nature, it is during the course of a year that you will expand your views. In the beginning you concentrate only on the fish and it´s feeding habits, when it is fishing in general which becomes a main part of your interest to nature. Not only is it the lakes and rivers that attract you, it is being one with nature that plays a more important role.

It is daily via the media that we see how our environment is put under great pressure, such as emissions from large factories, the timber industries devastation of forests, and the building of power plants ( Dams ) in free flowing rivers. Together this causes: Changes in temperature, acidification, and excessive limewashing which harms our friends the salmonoids.

It is now that we should begin to involve ourselves in these environmental questions and share our knowledge, so that we as a people can continue to live on this earth through boycotting environmentally harmful products and actively working for mankind and the environment. A lifestyle which is as considerate to the environment as possible.

Our goal is to protect and care for a friendly environmental society.

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Fish preservation

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