Sport fishing for the future

The small association with the big content

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Sport fishing for the future
is a small association in Sweden which:

  • Practices Catch & Release
  • Is actively committed to fish preservation
  • Does the outmost to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

We support - Do you?

Do something to show what you stand for

We support the Swedish organization called älvräddarna with membership and with a link.

Lumsåns flyfishing

Lumsåns flyfishing - small map

Map by Carl T and collage by Roger E from SFM

In Lumsån exists a weak population of wild brown trout. For more information regarding the small stream. Please see link below.

Fish preservation

Links below - only in Swedish
Small fish preservation projects in middle of Sweden

Catch and release

    an image

    If we should have any fish left to talk about in the future, concentrate on preserving sport fishing quality and usefulness through fish conservation of water. So maybe it makes some difference in the future.