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Our definition of sportfishing is an activity where one strives after recreational adventure and not to catch fish to eat, but to catch and then release them.

The excitement is to attract the fish with a fly which you have tied yourself which it´s appearance and movements represent a natural insect.

This requires knowledge in many different areas and close observation is absolutely necessary in order to succeed in the first stage: to get a strike. The second stage in ecological fishing is to set the fish free ( of course one must use barbless hooks so as not to injure the fish ).

Fishing in this manner gives the ecological fisherman double luck: first succeeding in catching the fish after many hours of observation, reading, and flytying. Then to release the fish and everything becoming the same as it was.

When you come to this second part of luck it means that you have not only matured as a fisherman but as a person. The ecological manner of fishing means much more than just fishing it means a different point of view and another lifestyle, a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

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